My weekly radio show on WFDU 89.1 FM celebrating music and lyrics by women began its seventh year on the air in February. The Fairleigh Dickinson campus has finally opened, as has the radio station. However, the show will continue to be prerecorded remotely and air on Sundays 3pm ET with a repeat broadcast on Tuesdays at noon streaming on their HD2 channel - just go to and click on “Listen to HD2”, you’ll be given a player for your device and will hear the channel instantly. There's also a free app you can download for both iPhone and Android. The program is called A Broad Spectrum and offers up an assortment of music by Women - Writers, Composers, Instrumentalists and Vocalists (yes, there will be airplay of male artists too, in the Honorable Men-tion slot). Hope you can tune in. For a replay of today’s program go to - and click on HD2 Archives. There is a drop down menu for you to select “SHOW”. Click on it and drop down to Broad Spectrum. You’ll be able to listen anytime you wish, or go check out Mixcloud, which now has A Broad Spectrum page here -